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  • Q : Who can attend?

    A : Open to all, age restrictions for each batch may differ.

  • Q : What if we are not able to weekdays batches?

    A : You can select from the various available slots on weekdays or weekends which you can see online on our website. If you wish to customise the package or time slot, please contact the venue manager at the academy location.

  • Q : How much does it cost?

    A : We offer multiple package and options to choose from based on the location of the academy.

  • Q : How do I register?

    You can register your child online by visiting our website or you can contact our venue manager at the academy location.

  • Q : What program should I select for my child?

    A : We have three groups Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced based on the age groups.

  • Q : At what age can my child join the junior section?

    A: We accept children both boys and girls from age 5 to16 and above.

  • Q : How do I know what age group my child is in?

    Your child's age group is determined by their date of birth.

  • Q : Do you offer trial sessions?

    A: It varies location to location, however you will still need to do the online registration. Trials offered will be on fist come first serve basis only.

  • Q : When do the summer coaching sessions begin?

    A: It varies location to locations as it usually starts after the final school exams are over.

  • Q : What leagues do the children play in?

    A: We will make sure that all the children’s get to participate in internal and external tournaments organised by affiliated clubs and associations.

  • Q : Do you have internationals or domestic tours?

    A: Crickingdom has its centres in various parts of the world including India. We will ensure that all the interested kids will get the opportunity to be on international or domestic tour.

  • Q : Can I be sure my child is well looked after?

    A: All our managers and coaches are given proper training and are certified.

  • Q : Do you also play non-league games?

    A: Yes, we do conduct practice games and also participate in inter club, inter academy games and friendly fixtures.

  • Q : What do I do if I have a complaint about a coach or manager?

    You can report to the Venue manager or send a mail to with the academy location and coach details. We will be periodically conducting parents meetings to provide any feedback.

  • Q : What clothing should my child wear?

    A: One set of clothing will provided at the time of registration and if you wish to buy extra set then please contact the venue manager or visit our CricKingdom online store.

  • Q : Does the club provide kit?

    A: The kid should carry his/her own kit, the cricket gears are available on CricKingdom online store or some selected academy venues. time of registration and if you wish to buy extra set then please contact the venue manager or visit our CricKingdom online store.

  • Q : How old do you need to be to get personal coaching?

    A: If a young player can be coached with the hard match balls safely without modifying normal coaching methods then coaching can go ahead. Individual coaching is normally offered to players staring around 7or 8 years.

  • Q : When is individual coaching available?

    A: Individual coaching runs all year round and is booked by appointment. You can contact the venue manager for details or book one to one coaching through our online application.

  • Q : What is the selection policy for matches?

    A: The designated coach will select the team upon the academy performance and practice statistics.

  • Q : I have already paid the fees but still I got pending fee notification?

    A: You can contact the venue manager with the student ID or send an email to the designated academy email address.

  • Q : I have already paid Quarterly/ yearly fees, but we would like to cancel the package and seek refund?

    A: There will be NO REFUND for all fees paid under any circumstances.

  • Q : I do not have online banking how do I make the payment?

    A: You can deposit the amount to our bank account mentioned below and provide the transaction details or payment reference number to our venue manager. Make sure you provide the student ID along with the payment details.
    ICICI Bank
    Current Ac. No. 033805006414
    Account Name: CricKingdom India Private Limited.
    IFSC Code: ICIC0000338
    Branch: Kothrud, Pune

  • One time registration fee of INR 1000.00 will be charged All the Fees include 18% GST.

  • Q : What will be the start date if I enrol my child in mid of the month?

    A: If you register in mid of the month your package date will be always starting from the 1st day of calendar month and ending on the last day of the calendar month. When you register before 15th of a month your package start date will be 1st day of the current calendar month, if you register after 15th package start date will be 1st day of the next calendar month.

  • Q : When can I pay the fees after I register my child?

    A: Once you register payment needs to be made within three (3) days of registration.

  • Q : The slot which is want is already full will you be able to adjust one slot for my child?

    A: Slots are reserved on first come first serve basis; you can put up a request with venue manager. Venue manager will notify you as and when the desired slot is available.

  • Q: What will be the student coach ratio?

    A: In order to get the best result out of student and have personalised attention, we have set a maximum student: coach ratio to 20:1

  • Q: Can my child carry his/ her own ball or training equipment other than the kit bag?

    A: Our yearly curriculum is designed and developed by the professional, National, first class cricketers and is endorsed by Rohit Sharma.

  • Q: What cricket curriculum are we going to use in the academy?

    A: No we do not allow any child to carry his/her own ball or training equipment.

  • Q: Do you provide transport services?

    A: No we do not have any transport facility.

  • Q: How frequently will Rohit Sharma visit the academy?

    A: Rohit Sharma visit is subject to his national team and professional commitments.

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