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CricKingdom USA

With CricKingdom’s global expansion and growing movement of Cricket in the United States, Crickingdom is ready to spread the excitement of cricket with one of the international academies in the United States of America. It’s time for America to be part of this beautiful sport. CricKingdom is one of the world's best platforms for connecting Cricket Players, Coaches, Students, Academies, and Facilities in a dynamic integrated ecosystem that promotes seamless engagement, interaction, learning, and transaction. CricKingdom's main focus has been on getting students to learn from the best coaches and players, with a dedicated curriculum, the best facilities, and continuous growth.

Our Mission

CricKingdom USA is on a mission to spread the joy of cricket in the USA by promoting it at the grassroots level. The organization aims to develop high-quality players who can represent the USA at international cricket tournaments. By providing specialized coaching and training, CricKingdom USA is committed to adding value to existing players and helping them perform better in the local league. Through its dedicated efforts creating a pathway for aspiring cricketers to achieve their dreams.

School like cricket curriculum endorsed by Rohit Sharma based on curriculum followed by BCCI, ECB, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa

An end-to-end academy management platform with Certified Coaches and a well-defined curriculum.

Analysing the performance through training videos periodically.

Rohit Sharma signed Certificates or Goodies for the academy's camps, tournaments, and other special events to recognize top talent in the academy.

Quarterly Review and Progress Report discussion with parents of every student, individually.

Periodic special visits by accomplished and reputed cricket players and coaches to conduct special camps and events.

Our Academies

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Sunny's World

US Cricket Stores

CricKingdom was established to fulfil the need of scientific cricket coaching, to provide a strong platform for students, to explore hidden talent and to ensure holistic development of every student. CricKingdom is responsible for delivering high performance sports programs and create an environment that supports coaches, athletes and teams to perform at peak performance. CricKingdom connects Cricket and Technology on a single platform to fulfil the need of scientific cricket coaching and provide a strong platform to enhance end-to-end academy experience.

US Cricket Store LLC was established with a mission to promote cricket in every section of American society. Since our inception, we have become one of the biggest cricket retailers in the U.S. and we have partnered with CricKingdom - a platform that connects cricket, players, coaches, students, academies and facilities into a fully integrated ecosystem that drives seamless engagement, interaction, learning, and transaction. Through this, we aim to bring immense opportunities for cricket lovers to train with the best in the world, with the goal to continue expanding the presence of the sport in the U.S.

Our academy, CricKingdom Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma based in Fremont California provides comprehensive training and coaching for cricketers of all skill levels, with a focus on developing both their physical abilities and their strategic understanding of the game.


+1 408 674 3270

121 Ranch Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

CricKingdom at USA

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