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  1. Q : My son is 5 and this is his first time. Is your training suitable for 5 year old newcomers? A : We have specialised coaches for players of various ages and skill levels. Based on the player’s skills and progress, the coaches will determine if the player is ready for the next level. The age-wise groupings are as follows:
    Beginners : 5 to 9
    Intermediate : 10 to 12
    Advanced : 13 Plus

  2. Q : When will the time slot be allocated? A : Once the fees are paid, we will assign the player a slot. For now, there are vacancies in every batch

  3. Q : Can I get a sponsorship if I perform well? A : Yes. View the story of one of our sponsored athletes on our social media pages

  4. Q : Where to buy cricket Kits and Other equipment? A : You can purchase a wide range of cricket equipment at our online store at your convenience. 

  5. Q : What do I need to buy before I come for training, Like the uniform, equipment etc? A : Coaches will guide you on what to buy on the first day of the training session. Uniform will be provided at the venue if the stock is available(This is only for 1st timers).  If not, you can train in sports trousers and t-shirts till the new stock is received.

  6. Q : Anything else I need to take note of before I enrol? A : The entire list of rules and regulations for parents and players are available below

  7. Q : Where is the location of training? A : St Patrick’s School- 490 East Coast Road Singapore 429058, Join the ‘interest group’ by providing the email to get notified about updates, promotions, tours and other details.

  8. Q : If I miss a class on a Tuesday can I get a remedial lesson on Saturday? A : Yes, Reason for absence need to be informed to our admin before actual session, The replacement has to be done within the PAID term, Only If slots are available and  the reason being:  School event, MC & travelling

  9. Q : If I miss some sessions due to some personal reason, can the sessions be carry forwarded? A: No. To maintain the Student: Coach Ratio, we won’t permit it



  1. Parents are instructed to drop the kids at the playing area 15 minutes before the start of the lesson to facilitate the smooth running of the lesson.

  2. Parents are not allowed to be present near the area where the sessions are being conducted.

  3. If parents wish to interact with the coach, you are to contact director of coaching- Mr Prem and it will be arranged.

  4. Parents are to contact the admin department ( / 8798 3314) or the coaches only during official working hours.


  6. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  7. Saturday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM



  1. Do not congregate next to the playing team.

  2. Do not instruct the kids on how to play and/or try to undermine the coach’s authority.

  3. Accept the umpire’s decision as final and educate their ward to do the same.

  4. Teach their wards to develop team-spirit by encouraging their team-mates irrespective of whether they are playing or not.

  5. All payments are to be made before the stipulated time.

  6. For administrative convenience, please include the student's name and ID during fee payment and screenshot of the payment to 



  1. Payment needs to be made within three (3) days of registration.

  2. Fees are to be paid before the start their training programme.

  3. If players train beyond the expiration of their fees, and the following fees are not paid within 7 days, there will be an additional administrative charge of $50.

  4. Package date will be always starting from the 1st day of calendar month and ending on the last day of the calendar month.

  5. When you register before 15th of a month your package start date will be the 1st day of the current calendar month, If you register after 15th package start date will be the 1st day of the next calendar month



  1. There will be NO REFUND for all fees paid under any circumstances.

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