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CricKingdom Japan at Edogawa Cricket Ground


CricKingdom Japan is on a mission to spread the joy of cricket in Japan by promoting it at the grassroots level. The organization aims to develop high-quality players who can represent Japan at international cricket tournaments. By providing specialized coaching and training, CricKingdom Japan is committed to adding value to existing players and helping them perform better in the local league. Through its dedicated efforts creating a pathway for aspiring cricketers to achieve their dreams.

Contact Academy

Rushikesh Moynak

+81 70-9155-2023

Edogawa Cricket Ground, 2 Chome Higashikoiwa, Edogawa City, Tokyo 133-0052

Our Coaches

National athletes, certified coaches, corporate executives: any of these terms could be used to describe us but at our very core, what we really are fans of the game. To us, cricket is a religion. We grew up wanting to do this all day every day and we owe everything that we have and are to this wonderful game. Which is precisely why we established "CricKingdom", as a way to give back to the cricket community what they have so generously bestowed upon us.
Modern day cricketers find every aspect of their lives and personalities scrutinised and analyzed in minute details by opponents, fans and the media. We at CricKingdom strive towards a holistic development of the player and thus educating them on their technical, tactical, mental, ethical and social roles and responsibilities. Conventional coaching techniques are sorely tested when approched with this problem and prompted us to set up an institution to address this need. Our caption aptly reflects this sentiment in saying, "It's more than an academy". Every individual is uniquely gifted and helping them realise their potential on this journey is what we at CricKingdom aim to do.

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