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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

As the cricket fever grips the city of Pune, the stage is set for a cricketing spectacle like never before. The much-anticipated CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023 is about to unfold. Promising 7 days of relentless action, with 13 teams vying for supremacy in 36 thrilling matches. Pune, already known for its rich cricketing culture, is the proud host of this grand event, featuring two categories; Emerging Cricstars, Elite Cricstars, and Open Category. The action will unfold across three iconic venues in Pune - the Veerangana Cricket Academy Ground, Wisdom Cricket Academy Ground, and Sahara Cricket Academy Ground. These grounds, witness to many historic cricketing moments for the locals, are all set to become the epicenter of the city's cricketing fervor.


The grand spectacle kicks off with an Opening Ceremony on the 22nd December at Wisdom and Sahara Grounds, setting the perfect tone for the week-long cricket extravaganza. As the matches progress, cricket enthusiasts can expect nail-biting encounters, stunning performances, and perhaps the emergence of future cricketing stars. With the tournament reaching its climax, the anticipated Closing Ceremony is slated for the 28th December at Pruthvi's Sports Zone, Dhanori, Pune. It promises to be a fitting finale to a week of intense competition, celebrating the spirit of the game and acknowledging the contributions of the teams and players.

CricKingdom Champions Trophy will showcase the talents of young cricketers and seasoned pros alike with its two categories. The tournament adopts a round-robin format in Open Category, ensuring that each team faces every other team. The participating teams; ODM Gladiators, CricKingdom Thunderbolts, Sahara Dynamos, CK Pune Predators, and SPG Spartans will be looking to establish their dominance in a battle for cricketing supremacy. The Emerging and Elite Category unfolds in a Double Round-Robin format, ensuring each team faces off in 12 matches within their respective groups. The Emerging CricStars and Elite CricStars will fiercely compete, and at the end, two Champions will emerge - one from each category. The eight teams in this category are ODM Blasters, Sahara Warriors, Krishu Knights, 22 Yards Cricket Academy, Continental Super Kings, Singapore Strikers, Pruthvi Centurions, and Cricket Life Falcons.

Behind the scenes, the tournament is backed by a lineup of esteemed sponsors. The event has already secured valuable partnerships. SKonnect, the official tech partner, promises to bring and generate a complete sporting ecosystem. Kragbuzz, SportsKingdom Thunderbolts, and SportsKingdom Stores have joined forces as Merchandise and Apparel Partners, ensuring that fans can flaunt their support for their favorite teams in style. Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, Pune, takes on the role of Talent Sourcing and Volunteering Partner, to provide the necessary manpower to run the event smoothly.

As the cricketing carnival unfolds in Pune, it is not just a battle between teams but a celebration of the sport that unites many. So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness cricketing history in the making as the CricKingdom Champions trophy 2023 takes center stage.

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