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Take Your Game Globally From Home

aim of Cricket is widely spread. Players with good skills and techniques need a platform to showcase their game. Practicing in the nets and performing in the matches builds your game gradually but having the right guidance is equally important. Yet it is observed that many good cricketers lack a guide or a mentor to walk this pathway together.

Thus, CricKingdom in association with Sports SG and Tote Board has introduced a platform that supports a player to seek guidance from professional coaches. It is now very easy and accessible to connect with experts, coaches in simple steps.

To hone and built your game in the right path, is simply the appropiate platform to connect coaches and players “Globally”, our professional coaches interact with the players by giving them the feedback on their batting, bowling, wicketkeeping and fielding videos that are uploaded after creating a profile.

What's more to explore?

If you are wondering how to start then it's pretty simple, ‘Watch and Learn’; our panel of professional coaches have recorded videos which you can view and learn, later you can record the video. In this section our coaches guide you through the right techniques to play cricket.

This platform is free of cost as the intention is to promote your game and widen your cricket sphere. All you need is a smartphone or a desktop with an internet connection.

A value added to your game when you upload and explore.

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