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CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023 witnessed its first Centurion and a Fifer of the edition

As the sun set on the third day of the CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023, we were treated to a display of extraordinary talent and sportsmanship across multiple venues. The day's events unfolded with gripping encounters in the Emerging Cricstars, Elite Cricstars, and Open categories.

CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023
Day 3 of CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023

In the Emerging Cricstars, the fiercely contested ODM Blasters faced Krishu Knights, with the Knights prevailing by 16 runs. In the next game, the Singapore Strikers continued their commanding run, securing a convincing 10-wicket win against Continental Super Kings. In the Elite Cricstars category, Pruthvi Centurions engaged in a closely contested battle with Cricket Life Falcons, with Falcons emerging victorious by 3 wickets. The next game saw Sahara Warriors continue their dominant streak, clinching an 8-wicket victory against 22 Yards. In the Open Category, ODM Gladiators locked horns against SPG Spartans, unfolding as a nail-biting contest. SPG Spartans emerged victorious by 2 wickets. In the clash between Sahara Dynamos and CricKingdom Thunderbolts, the Dynamos secured a convincing victory by 89 runs.

Player of the Match awards of the day was Prithish (Krishu Knights), Krishay Dhar (Singapore Strikers) Neel Koli (Cricket Life Falcons) Sarvesh Wagh (Sahara Warriors) Satish Rathod (SPG Spartans) Sarthak Walke (Sahara Dynamos), and Fighter of the match awards of the day were Ishaan Loya (Centurions), Ishan (Thunderbolts), Chaitanya (Gladiators), Raj Punjabi (Blasters), and Rishan (Super Kings). Some notable mentions of the day were that we witnessed the First centurion of the tournament: Ishaan Loya of Pruthvi Centurions 109 (71), the First Fifer of the championship: Sarthak Walke, and some destructive batting from Sahara Warriors: Shaurya Panchal 50(16) and Pushkar Mahendra Ahirrao 44(12)

As Day III unfolded, it etched indelible memories of exceptional cricketing moments, intense competition, and emerging stars, setting the stage for the continued excitement of Day IV of CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023.

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