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Do you know what it takes to master Running Between the Wickets?

Running between the wickets is an essential part of cricket, as it allows players to score runs and keep the momentum going in the game. But it's not as simple as it seems - there are many factors to consider, and it takes skill and strategy to successfully run between the wickets.

One important aspect of running between the wickets is knowing when to say "YES" or "NO" to a run. This decision is made by the striker, who must weigh the risks and benefits of going for a run. They must consider the field placement, the strength of the bowler, and the distance between the wickets.

Another important factor is the striker call. This refers to the decision made by the non-striker, who must decide whether to follow the striker's lead and go for a run, or stay at the non-striker's end.

In some cases, the striker may be running towards the non-striker's end, and the non-striker must decide whether to join in the run or stay at their end. This is known as a front of the wicket call.

On the other hand, if the striker is running towards the striker's end, the non-striker must decide whether to run towards the non-striker's end or stay at their end. This is known as a behind the wicket call.

There are also situations where neither the striker nor the non-striker is running, such as when the ball is hit to the boundary or when the batsmen are waiting for the bowler to deliver the ball. This is known as a "no striker" call.

Another important aspect of running between the wickets is avoiding getting run out. This can happen if the batsman is not careful to drag their bat over the crease before the fielders can get the ball to the wicketkeeper or the stumps. It's important for batsmen to be aware of their surroundings and make sure they drag their bat to avoid getting run out.

To master running between the wickets, it's important to watch and learn from others. You can access a library of videos on our platform,, to learn from experienced players. You can also browse videos of upcoming players to learn a little from everybody each time.

By understanding the strategies and techniques involved in running between the wickets, you can improve your skills and help your team score runs and win matches.

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