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From Ceremony to Cricket: A phenomenal start to CricKingdom Champions Trophy 2023

Crickingdom Champions Trophy roared to life today for its second edition, marking the beginning of an exciting cricketing journey. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as cricket enthusiasts gathered at Sahara Ground and Wisdom Ground to witness the opening. The chief guests, Shri Rajendra Badadre (Venture Capitalist and a successful Entrepreneur, who started the Masters Cricket League in USA), Shri Vishal Sharma (Quality Assurance & BD in CricKingdom), and Shri Deepak Waghmare (CTO - Dell Technologies) at Wisdom Ground, and Shri Kaushik Aphale (Certified coach with 20+years of experience in several countries and a first-class player from Maharashtra cricket team) and Shri Swapnil Pokharkar (Director of Regulatory Affairs IQVIA Ltd UK) at Sahara Ground, added a touch of prestige to the event. 

The cricketing extravaganza started with a thrilling display of talent in four matches spread across the two esteemed stadiums. The Wisdom Ground hosted the Open category matches, where the CricKingdom Thunderbolts clashed with CK Pune Predators in a nail-biting encounter, as Predators secured an impressive victory by 8 wickets. In the second Open category match at Wisdom Ground, SPG Spartans faced off against Sahara Dynamos. Dynamos crumbled and the mighty Spartans emerged victorious by a commanding margin of 95 runs.

The Elite Cricstars category witnessed equally enthralling contests. Sahara Warriors battled Pruthvi Centurion in the first match, with Centurions showcasing their all-around talent and claiming victory by 8 wickets. In the second Elite Cricstars clash, 22 Yards Cricket Academy took on Cricket Life Falcons. 22 Yards posted a competitive total of 141 runs, and their bowlers backed up the effort by restricting Cricket Life Falcons to 108. 22 Yards sealed the win by 8 wickets, rounding off a spectacular opening day of the Crickingdom Champions Trophy. The stage is set for an exciting tournament ahead, with teams gearing up for more intense battles on the cricket field on day 2 of the tournament.

The championship will be highly competitive as five teams are battling for supremacy in the Open Category, while in Elite Cricstars and Emerging Cricstars, four teams will battle among each other to get their hands on the glorious trophy.

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